Code of Conduct

Membership Fees Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a St. Kevin’s Killian’s GAA Membership Plan via this website, you are agreeing to be bound by the club’s ethos of Inclusion and Fair Play and also by the official¬†GAA Rules and Regulations. These will be in effect whilst you are representing the Club on the playing field or during other occasions when you are in a position of representing the Club. Failure to abide by the above rules may result in you having your Membership suspended or cancelled, at the sole discretion of the Club, upon investigation and a refund or partial refund may also be considered and decided upon by the Club during it’s investigation.

Our Membership plans offer both monthly and annual subscription plans. Each plan specifies what is included and ranges from 1 member to Families of 6 or more members. Due to the range of plans, we have allowed the option for members to upgrade or downgrade their plan at any stage with no penalty for doing so (when upgrading your plan, the Membership fee is prorate and so the increase will only affect the remaining period of the membership plan, it is not back dated). The option to upgrade or downgrade is available within your account area, visible when you are logged into the Membership Portal. You also have the ability to cancel your plan at any stage. Should you have any queries or issues in amending or cancelling your membership plan, please email


Club Code of Conduct Document

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